About dito

Digital na love letter para sa aking imaginary girlfriend.

(Imaginary Girlfriend n. (also known as pretend girlfriend or invisible girlfriend) is a psychological and social phenomenon where a relationship takes place in the imagination rather than external physical reality)


8 thoughts on “About dito”

  1. Aigooo… Hoping you’ll gather all the confidence you need to confess to her eventually. Para hindi na imaginary. Haha. (I’m assuming you have a person in mind and her code name is Elsie.)

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  2. Waaah, ngayon ko lang po na-recognize ‘tong blog niyo. Eniweys, thanks for the follow. 😍😍😍

    Ang sweet po nitong blog niyo. May i-ra-rant na naman akong new blog discovery. Ahihi. Asahan niyo pong babasahin ko ang mga post niyo from the start. Ahihi. 😍😍😍😍

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